Fengke Soild Carbide Square Reversible Turnover Knives For Spiral Cutterheads


We supply a full range of straight turnover knives for the woodworking industry in all known qualities and for all known tooling brands.


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We provide different types of carbide inserts for wood working, inculding standard types, such as squared inserts, roud inserts, rectangle planer inserts, etc., we also can produce the wood working carbide parts based on your designs. Our wood working parts have very good finshing and long tool life, it will make your job easy and save your cost.

Hot-sale Turnover Woodworking Inserts Standard Sizes:

30x12x1.5mm-35° 15x12x1.5mm-35°
40x12x1.5mm-35° 20x12x1.5mm-35°
50x12x1.5mm-35° 14x14x2mm-37°
60x12x1.5mm-35° 15x15x2.5mm-30°
14x14x2mm-30° 15x15x2.5mm-35°


Thermosetting plastics HDF MDF Thermoplastics Elastomeres Composite materials
Insulating boards Solid wood and veneered mat Particle boards Laminated particle board



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