Tungsten Carbide Diameter 25mm Decagonal Knife For Slitting Machines


They are ideal to cut leather , carton boards,doubling plate,composite material,paper,textile,packaging material ,frame,sponge,plastic ,medical products,filter,Skiing material,cable etc different material .

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Product Description

Product type:
Carbide Cutter RotaryTen-sided blade for composite Diameter 25mm
25 x 8 x 0.63 mm  (other sizes available)
100% Virgin Tungsten Carbide
Surface roughness:
Ra 0.4 um
Surface roughness of the edge:
Ra 0.2 um
0.6 mm
OEM service:
ISO9001:2008, TÜV
Main Market:
Europe, North America ,South Africa,etc
Factory name:
Chengdu Fengke Carbide Tools Co., Ltd

The Features of Carbide Cutter Rotary Blade

  • 10 production processes to go through for every individual knife.
  • Assuring the ultimate in life time.
  • Lower yearly knife consumption costs.
  • Triple tempered to retain the hardness while toughness kept.
  • Strictly quality control for excellent valve.
  • High precision, high intensity, excellent hardness, and small thermal deformation.
  • Matched to their applications.
  • Integrated output increase.
  • Reduce unsurpassed edge quality.
  • Reward customers with high Productivity.

 The Application of Carbide Decagonal Knife

1: Paper: A slitting knife can create slits and perforations in paper for a variety of purposes.

2: Corrugated products: Corrugated products such as fiberboard and cardboard need high-quality blades for the best cutting results. Our expertly made slitting knives can create slits in these materials while keeping their edge.

3: Foil and film: Our precision slitting blades have the sharpness needed to smoothly slit foil. You can also request a custom blade for slitting other delicate materials like film.

4: Textiles: Fabric requires a sturdy blade that retains its edge throughout regular cutting operations. Our team develops custom slitting blades for textiles that achieve the cuts you need.

5: Plastics: We can design slitting knives suitable for plastics of various thicknesses and compositions. Their sharpness and durability allow you to work with a wide range of synthetic materials.

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