Fengke 17x17x2.0 35° Tungsten Carbide Square Reversible Cutter Inserts


We offer 17x17x2mm carbide insert spur knives that are designed for long-lasting use in woodworking applications, such as the WEINIG rebating cutterhead.

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Shape Square
Length 17 mm
Width 17 mm
Thickness 2 mm
Holes straight hole
Bevel 35 degree
Cutting Edges 4 straight cutting edges
Material FK07
Face Unpolished
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-Our carbide insert spur knives feature a cutting edge that can last up to 10 times longer than a straight HSS knife blade, while their four-sided design can offer an impressive 40 times longer tool life than straight HSS knives.

-These carbide cutters are also budget-friendly, and can be easily rotated or replaced within minutes when they become dull or chipped. Unlike HSS planer knives, this eliminates the need for a prolonged shutdown. Even when encountering a nail or staple, there's no need to replace the entire length of your planer or jointer cutterhead. Simply replace the 2 or 3 small affected knives, and you're ready to get back to work. And when one edge becomes dull, just rotate the blades to a fresh cutting edge, and you'll be back in business.


hardwoods and softwoods,HDF, MDF,plywood, chipboard, particle board,etc.

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