Fengke Tungsten Carbide Z64 Flat Oscillating Blade For Foam


The raw materials are heat treated, vacuum treated, and the hardness is higher. Heat treatment in your own factory to ensure product stability.

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Product name Zund Z64 Drag blade
Material Tungsten Carbide
Size 67*5.7*1.5mm
Knife Thickness 1.5mm
Application Cardboard cutting , Foam cutting .etc
Hardness HRA89-HRA92.9

The blades themselves are made of high-quality steel and come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate various cutting needs. They are mounted onto the Zund cutting system, and the oscillating motion is controlled by the machine's software and hardware components.


Applicable to cut :  Carbon fibre prepreg, Carpet,Corrugated plastic - PP,Expanded PVC,Fabric - Canvas,Fabric - Mesh,Fabric - Polyester,Foil / Vinyl, Glass fibre prepreg, Magnetic foil,Paper,Paper board,Plastic - PC,Plastic sheet - PP,PVC Banner,Solid Cardboard,Tarpaulins


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