Fengke 57mm/70mm TCT Dowel Drill Bit For Blind Hole In Wood


Fengketool supplies  TCT dowel drill bit for blind hole

The cutting diameter of the sizes TCT dowel drill bit from 3mm to 6 mm.The shank lengths are all 10mm.

Material: TCT

Overall Lengths: 57mm, 70mm

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*1. Suitable for drilling holes in wood, PVC, and plastic.

*2. Super abrasion, high precision, light cutting, and no burrs around the whole side.

*3. The edge part is processed in one-stop forming by a fully automatic digital grinder machine.

*4. the Concentricity of a drill is below 0.01mm.

*5. Excellent effect for hard boards such as melamine panels.

*6. Solid Carbide processing wood drill bit makes longer life.

Fengke 57mm-70mm TCT Dowel Drill Bit For Blind Hole In Wood/PVC And Plastic


Rotation Cutting Diameter Shank Diameter Total length
R/L 2mm 10mm 57/70mm
R/L 2.5mm 10mm 57/70mm
R/L 3mm 10mm 57/70mm
R/L 3.5mm 10mm 57/70mm
R/L 4mm 10mm 57/70mm
R/L 4.5mm 10mm 57/70mm
R/L 5mm 10mm 57/70mm
R/L 5.5mm 10mm 57/70mm
R/L 6mm 10mm 57/70mm
R/L 8mm 10mm 57/70mm



*Suitable for processing a wide range of materials

Used to drill blind holes in hardwood, chipboard, plywood, and MDF.Adjustable drill bit for CNC machine center

*Adaptation Machine type

Portable boring machine.Automatic boring machine.Adjustable drill bit for CNC machine center

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