Fengke Tobacco Circular Slitting Knives


These knives are made of virgial tungsten carbide,The raw materials are heat treated, vacuum treated, and the hardness is higher. Heat treatment in our own factory to ensure product stability.

Product Detail

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1. Improve durability and service life, 600% higher than standard steel;

2. Since the number of blade replacements is reduced, production efficiency is higher and downtime is shorter;

3. Due to reduced friction, cleaning and cutting are more precise;

4. Reduce the possibility of production line downtime to ensure stable production of equipment;

5. Better overall cutting performance in high-temperature and high-speed cutting environments

Product Size

Number Model No.
1 Φ100*Φ15*0.3
2 Φ100*Φ16*0.3
3 Φ70*Φ40*1
4 Φ70*Φ50*1
5 Φ80*Φ50*1
6 Φ80*Φ55*1
7 Φ120*Φ55*1
8 Φ100*Φ60*1
9 Φ120*Φ60*1
10 Φ60*Φ19*0.27
11 Φ63*Φ19.05*0.3
12 Φ64*Φ19.05*0.3
13 Φ85*Φ16*0.25
14 Φ89*Φ15*0.3
15 Φ92*Φ15*0.2
16 Φ100*Φ15*0.2
17 Φ100*Φ15*0.3
18 Φ100*Φ15*0.35
19 Φ100*Φ16*0.2
20 Φ100*Φ16*0.3
21 Φ100*Φ19*0.3
22 Φ100*Φ45*0.2
23 Φ100*Φ19*0.3
24 Φ101.6*Φ25.4*0.28
25 Φ110*Φ22*0.5
26 Φ120*Φ56*1



These circular knives are applied to the requirements of Tobacco machines , like MK8, MK9, MK95, Protos 70/80/90, GD121, etc. We can provide different carbide grade materials for customers to choose.Also offer custom made service as per customers designs,drawings ,provide service of laser printing customer’s brand,logo or so on the knives.

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