Fengke 230x135x1.1 Fosber Tungsten Carbide Slitter Blades-Corrugated Board Slitter Blades


Fosber carbide slitter blade – 230 x 135 x 1,1 – Tungsten carbide slitting  circular knife for Fosber corrugated board slitter.The knife edge is sharp, smooth, sharp and durable, imported precision processing equipment can process a variety of non-standard products to ensure the precision of the products.

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Product Name: Tungsten carbide slitter knife, circular thin blade
Size: Φ230 x Φ135 x 1,1
Type: Circular knife, Round knife
Place of Origin: Chengdu, China
Brand Name: Fengke
Material: Solid Carbide, 100% Virgin Raw Material
Carbide grade (ISO): FK08
Machine Type: Corrugated board slitter scorer
Machine Brand: FOSBER
Model #: -
Application: Slitting corrugated board, card board, etc.
Advantage: High Wear Resistance, Long Lifetime.
Feature: Precision, Sharp, Mirror-polished, High Performance Cutting
Service: OEM, ODM


Fengke 230x135x1.1 Fosber Tungsten Carbide Slitter Blades2
Fengke 230x135x1.1 Fosber Tungsten Carbide Slitter Blades

Product Advantage

1) Appropriate sharpening of tools can increase production capacity, reduce dust and fines, reduce energy consumption, and reduce overall stress.

2) Super Mirror finish to protect the blades from glue adhesion.

3) Good cutting effect, improve paperboard quality, no burr cutting surface, no processing traces.


The corrugated slitting cutters currently produced are suitable for famous major corrugated paper processing machineries and equipments like Agnetti, BHS, Fosber, Gopfert, Isowa, Marquip, Mitsubishi, Peters, TCY, Xexu, LMC, K then on.

Common size
OD * ID * T(mm)
Match Brand
1 220x115x1 Agnati
2 240x115x1 Agnati
3 240x115x2 Agnati
4 260x168.3x1.2 Marquip
5 240x32x1.2 BHS
6 240x32x1.3 BHS
7 260x140x1.1 Isowa
8 230x110x1.1 Fosber
9 230x135x1.1 Fosber
10 257x135x1.1 Fosber
11 291x203x1.1 Fosber
12 280×202×1.4 Mitsubishi
13 291×203×1.0 Mitsubishi
14 265x112x1.2 Ming Wei
15 270x168.3x1.2 His Hsu
16 300x112x1.2 TCY

Customization acceptable; For more size, please feel free to contact us.


Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Retail, Packing industry, Corrugated paper machine, paperboard cutting, slitting machine, paper cutter slitter
Application machine: TCY FOSBER Hsieh Marquip Hooper Simon Peters Neide Justu BHS Agnati


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