Double Cut Solid Tungsten Carbide Rotary Cutting Burr Bits For Die Grinder Drill Metal Wood Carving Engraving Polishing Drilling


Material: Made of heat-treated tungsten carbide that hardness can reach to HRC70, sharp and sturdy

Application: Widely used for metalwork, tool making, model engineering, wood carving, jewelry making, welding, chamfering, casting, deburring, grinding, cylinder head porting and sculpting

Target: Suitable for all skill levels: this is a essential kit for woodworkers & enthusiasts who cleans up welds or works with metal frequently, easy to grasp and use, safe and reliable

Package: Packed with a plastic case for safety storage and protection

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Always ensure your burr shank is well inserted into your collet and clamped down tightly
Wear an eye mask to protect your eyes from filings Ensure the appropriate Air Tool is used and that it is regularly maintained
Check that the bur is running true in the Air Tool before use
Generally, the minimum grip depth is 2 / 3 of the length of the handle (not suitable for long handle rotary files)
Run extra long burs at slower speed, do not exceed 15,000 RPM
Use a smooth cutting action with constant movement.
Use light pressure, let the bur do the work
Keep out reach of children

Carbide Burr

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