Tungsten Carbide Planing Knife Jointer Thickness Hard Wood Chipper TCT Planer Blades


Tungsten Carbide Tipped planer blades are high-quality steel blades with tungsten carbide tips for durability and long lifespan. They create smooth finishes on wood surfaces and come in various sizes and shapes for different applications. They are popular in woodworking for consistent results.

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Product Name Woodworking Planer Knife TCT Wood Planer Blade Wood Chipper Blade For Wood
Application Furniture, moulding, photo frame, crafts, toys, decoration lines, wooden floors, doors and Windows and other bamboo products and wood products
Material Tungsten Carbide
Length 40mm-1000mm, can be customized
Width 25-40mm, can be customized
Package 2-3pcs packed separately in PVC bag then in plastic box then in carton

1.To work all types of wood: hard, semi-hard and soft, planers and moulders machines.
2.Strict tolerance ranges makes high precision and easy to change and reinstall.
3.Made of high quality high speed steel,wear better resistance and not easy to break.
4.Could be resharpened for longer working life.
5.Blades are protected by oil layers, with clean skin, no cracks, no rust and other defects that affect performance.
6. OEM ODM and Customized service.

TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) planer blades are cutting blades commonly used in woodworking applications. These blades are made of a high-quality steel body with small pieces of tungsten carbide welded onto the cutting edge. Tungsten carbide is an extremely hard and durable material that can withstand the wear and tear of woodworking, making it an ideal choice for planer blades.


TCT10 regular size (10mm inlay)

TCT10 irregular size (10mm inlay)

Item # size (l*w*h) Item # size (l*w*h)
FKP01C10001 80*25*3*1.0 FKP01S10001 300*30*4*1.0
FKP01C10002 90*25*3*1.0 FKP01S10002 400*30*4*1.0
FKP01C10003 100*25*3*1.0 FKP01S10003 430*30*4*1.0
FKP01C10004 120*25*3*1.0 FKP01S10004 630*30*4*1.0
FKP01C10005 150*25*3*1.0 FKP01S10005 300*35*4*1.0
FKP01C10006 160*25*3*1.0 FKP01S10006 400*35*3*1.0
FKP01C10007 200*25*3*1.0 FKP01S10007 500*35*3*1.0
FKP01C10008 210*25*3*1.0 FKP01S10008 600*35*3*1.0
FKP01C10009 230*25*3*1.0 FKP01S10009 400*35*4*1.0
FKP01C10010 250*25*3*1.0 FKP01S10010 500*35*4*1.0
FKP01C10011 260*25*3*1.0 FKP01S10011 600*35*4*1.0
FKP01C10012 300*25*3*1.0 FKP01S10012 610*35*4*1.0
FKP01C10013 310*25*3*1.0 FKP01S10013 630*35*4*1.0
FKP01C10014 400*25*3*1.0 FKP01S10014 640*35*4*1.0
FKP01C10015 410*25*3*1.0 FKP01S10015 300*40*4*1.0
FKP01C10016 500*25*3*1.0 FKP01S10016 400*40*4*1.0
FKP01C10017 80*30*3*1.0 FKP01S10017 500*40*4*1.0
FKP01C10018 90*30*3*1.0 FKP01S10018 600*40*4*1.0
FKP01C10019 100*30*3*1.0 FKP01S10019 640*40*4*1.0
FKP01C10020 120*30*3*1.0 FKP01S10020 610*38*6*1.0
FKP01C10021 150*30*3*1.0 FKP01S10021 1010*30*3*1.0
FKP01C10022 160*30*3*1.0 FKP01S10022 1010*30*4*1.0
FKP01C10023 200*30*3*1.0 SpecificationsWelcome to inquire the customization sizeaccording to your need.
FKP01C10024 210*30*3*1.0
FKP01C10025 250*30*3*1.0
FKP01C10026 260*30*3*1.0
FKP01C10027 300*30*3*1.0
FKP01C10028 310*30*3*1.0
FKP01C10029 330*30*3*1.0
FKP01C10030 350*30*3*1.0
FKP01C10031 400*30*3*1.0
FKP01C10032 410*30*3*1.0
FKP01C10033 430*30*3*1.0
FKP01C10034 450*30*3*1.0
FKP01C10035 500*30*3*1.0
FKP01C10036 510*30*3*1.0
FKP01C10037 600*30*3*1.0
FKP01C10038 610*30*3*1.0
FKP01C10039 630*30*3*1.0
FKP01C10040 640*30*3*1.0

Production Flow

Strict producing processes ensure qualified products. One product goes through “order confirmation----computerized-----coding-----material----WEDM----welding-----relative grinding processes----balancing check-----QC. For QC processes, each finished cutter takes “appearance observation, thickness/angle/bore measurement, sampling and trial”, every cutter in customer’s hands can work perfectly.

Quality Control System: We always follow the high quality standard for production, from the material preparing to final product ready, all product will go through 3 inspections before we send them to you. Our professional teams will take care of your product and ensure the good and stable quality for all batches.


1.PVC to cover blade.
2. 3pcs In PVC box.
3. Packed by carton box with binding straps.

 10pcs/boxPacking Delivery by UPS/DHL/FEDEX/EMS
Shipping ways Air transportation,Sea transportation,Land transportation,Express ,etc.
Shipping Details We can choose the fastest and economical shipping way for you.


1. Fengke Tool planer knife are strictly inspeced after each process for cutter body thickness, size, flatness, bore, angle, welding, hardness, etc. We promise to ship 100% qualified product.
2. The blade is made of alloy which is high hardness but brittle. We have blade cover to well protect the knives, in case the damage caused during transportation (the damages include broken knife, unstable knife, cracked body), please take pictures when you receive it, we'd like to replace for you or reduce this amount in next order.
3. These are not in after sales service: the blade is not sharp when required grinding, broken blade by improper use, blade off, problems by self revising hole, unsuitable use purpose.

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