FHONK Shines at FIW 2024, Showcases Precision Tools and Expands Customer Base

Almaty – FHONK, represented by Chengdufengke Precision Tool Co., Ltd., participated in the FIW 2024 (FURNITURE INTERIOR WOODWORKING) exhibition held from June 12 to 14 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The exhibition, hosted at the Atakent Exhibition Center, attracted leading companies from the furniture and interior design industries worldwide.
At the exhibition, FHONK showcased its classic precision tool series, including carbide reversible knives, radius profile knives,customazied blades, and round cutting blades. Booth No. 909, located at the heart of the exhibition center, drew a large number of visitors who showed great interest in the products.
FHONK’s Mr. Zhou from the President production department, stated, “We are honored to participate in FIW 2024. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase our FHONK brand and the classic products, as well as to expand into the Central Asian market. Through this exhibition, we hope to establish connections with more partners and provide high-quality tool products to more customers.”
During the exhibition, FHONK not only demonstrated its innovative designs and high-precision tools but also reached cooperation intentions with several local retailers and furniture manufacturers, further expanding the brand’s market coverage. Visitors highly praised FHONK’s product design and quality, with many expressing strong purchasing interest.
radius profile knives
In an exciting development, FHONK successfully closed a significant deal on-site with a long-term client, further strengthening their partnership.
customazied blade
Foreign Trade manger Mr Wang, added, “This exhibition allowed us to showcase FHONK classic products and engage in-depth with industry experts and potential customers. This is very beneficial for our future development.”

FHONK's trade manger

Moving forward, FHONK will continue to participate in more international exhibitions, innovate, promote the FHONK brand, and provide more high-quality tool products to meet the needs of customers worldwide.

Post time: Jun-17-2024