Fengke Tool Introduces Carbide Grade That Excels In Machining


Fengke experts designed grade FK10 to maximize the hardness, toughness, and galling resistance needed for alloys in today’s demanding industrial applications.

These challenges can be overcome by our FK10 carbide rods. This allows for tooling that produces predictable results and less frequent cutting edges.

Fengke tested end milling tools with FK10 rod blanks. They performed 35 percent better than conventional tungsten carbide grades on workpieces.

Fengke is known for its ability to combine customer applications with machining mechanics expertise and deep knowledge in materials science to create cutting-edge carbide grades. Peter Luo, Fengke Vice President of Engineered Solutions, Global R&D, said that Fengke has developed a grade FK10 that offers a superior balance of wear, galling, and toughness for alloy machine machining.

Fengke offers FK10 grade carbide rods in many dimensions and finishes. They can be sintered or ground to ISO H5 or H6 tolerances.

Post time: Nov-30-2022