100% Tungsten Carebide Metarial SC Series – Shape Double Cut Carbide Burs


SC Carbide Burr is a cutting tool used in metalworking and woodworking industries. It consists of a tungsten carbide insert brazed onto a cylindrical steel shank. The tungsten carbide cutting tip is used for grinding, shaping and removing material from a workpiece. These burrs are commonly used in air tools and die grinders, and are known for their durability, versatility and efficiency.

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SC Cylinder Shape Double Cut Carbide Burs are rotary cutting tools made of carbide material, typically used for grinding, shaping, and removing material from a workpiece.

At Fengke, we offer tungsten carbide burs in metric sizes upon customer request.

Our burs are made with high-quality carbide and produced using modern CNC grinding machines. The welding equipment used to braze our rotary burs is state-of-the-art.

Additionally, we can manufacture carbide burs to your specific drawings and requirements for stock removal.

Our professional laboratory center conducts chemical and geometry analysis of the carbide bur material and performs grinding tests.

We are proud to be an OEM supplier for many well-known companies worldwide for our carbide cutters.

Product Sizes:

Tool Number Cut Diameter Cut Length Shank Diameter Overall Length
 SC-11  1/8  1/2  1/4  2
 SC-12  1/8  5/8  1/4  2
 SC-13  5/32  5/8  1/4  2
 SC-14  3/16  5/8  1/4  2
 SC-1  1/4  5/8  1/4  2
 SC-1L  1/4  1  1/4  2
 SC-2  5/16  3/4  1/4  2 1/2
 SC-3  3/8  3/4  1/4  2 1/2
 SC-3L  3/8  1  1/4  2 3/4
 SC-3X  3/8  1 1/2  1/4  3 1/4
 SC-4  7/16  1  1/4  2 3/4
 SC-5  1/2  1  1/4  2 3/4
 SC-6  5/8  1  1/4  2 3/4
 SC-15  3/4  1/2  1/4  2 1/4
 SC-16  3/4  3/4  1/4  2 1/2
 SC-7  3/4  1  1/4  2 3/4
 SC-9  1  1  1/4  2 3/4


SC Carbide Burrs are used in a wide range of industries and applications, including:

1.Metalworking: They are commonly used in metal fabrication and machining operations to grind, shape, and remove material from a workpiece.
2.Woodworking: These burrs are also used in woodworking applications to shape and smooth hard and soft woods.
3.Automotive: They are commonly used in the automotive industry for grinding, shaping and removing rust, paint and other materials from metal parts.
4.Aerospace: The versatility and durability of carbide burrs make them ideal for use in the aerospace industry for shaping and smoothing aircraft parts.
5.Dental and Medical: They are also used in dental and medical industries for shaping and grinding dental and surgical implants.
6.Jewelry Making: In jewelry making, carbide burrs are used for shaping and smoothing precious metals and stones.


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